Shared database and vpn


I want ro run DTPro on an Xserve and share a particular database…however… that database should only be accessible from the vpn.

When I try to configure as shared DTPro always tells me that the database is available from the public ipnr … but i just want access via the vpn ip.

Briefly i have as my public ip.

When connecting via vpn one accesses ip.

So how do I prevent DTpro from offering the database via the public ip?

And with regards to public ip… how secure is DTPro’s webserver?


DEVONthink Pro Office can’t block this on its own.

It’s not using https/SSL and is therefore not encrypted.

DT Pro/Office databases are single-user only, and placing a database in a context in which multiple users can try to access it is dangerous and database damage is the likely result.

You might take a look at the Web-sharing mode of the Server in DTPO2. That allows multiple remote users via a Web browser. Remote users can browse, search, view content, download content and send notes to and upload files to the database(s). Remote users cannot edit database content or organization.


the web interface is all i need. I just want others to access the database but not actually make changes.

It seems that it would be more useful if https could be used.

But if i understand correctly there are no “settings” available besides port number. However if i enter a specific ipnumber in the host field why does DTPro offer webaccess through all available ip interfaces?

There’s no host field, only one for the domain.