Sharing a Database

I am using DT with several databases synced between my devices via iCloud.

I have persuaded my wife to try out DT so that we can move away from Evernote completely (she downloaded the trial today to start playing with it). If she goes forward with that, she will likely have a couple of her own databases that she will sync between her devices.

Question… Is there any reason why we can’t have a “Shared” database? Would it be more than creating a database and sync’ing between us via a different method such as our NAS? Are there problems, or issues, or pitfalls that I need to worry about?

One possible problem that I see is simultaneous access to the same data. Suppose you and your spouse modify the same record in DT in different ways b(say one’s setting a tag, the other one changing the name). Which modification will prevail?
I’m not sure that DT has a defined behavior in these cases (but there’s always the server version, which should know what to do).

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Why is that any different than the databases that I sync between my iMac and my MBP?

If you are able to work at two machines at the same time on the same data – it’s not. But that might be a bit less probable than you and another person working on the same data at the same time.

Ah. I see your point. At worst, the risk seems pretty low. Most of the things that we share are updated infrequently anyway. :slight_smile:

Are you referring to both of you having a copy of the same database on individual machines and syncing via WebDAV on your NAS?

Yes. Exactly.

Yes, that’s entirely feasible and the intended way for things to work.

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