Sharing a preferences file in Dropbox

Hello all,

Can I store my preferences file in DropBox so that my labels and other settings stay the same across computers?

I’m currently storing my main DT database in DropBox with no problems. I realize this is not recommended, but I am pretty scrupulous with the protocol of closing the db on one computer and letting the sync complete before starting it up on another computer.

Dave L

Looks like this won’t work bc DevonThink remakes the plist file if you move it: … ost-107290

You might be able to work out something with aliases and/or Hazel on each machine. But coordinating file versions might be tricky. Unless you are changing major things when you open DT, you might not even notice if the pref file you placed on the second machine is one or two app-launches out of date. Another rule would be to make one machine the “master” preference, and be willing to discard any pref changes made on the other machine(s).

Just speculating. Never tried this or had a reason to.