Sharing / adding content from multiple computers

Hi, tried to find entries under “sharing”, but with nos success. Am I the only one with 2 macs on my desk? I really need to be able to share the same database from multiple machiunes. Is this possible?

Thanks all for your help.

Try a search for “sychronization” – there’s a recent thread on this topic, starting with whether it’s possible or useful to use .Mac/iDisk to share or backup databases.

You might also search for “FireWire”.

Thanks. Ok, so there is no bullet-proof and elegant way to share a db. BUT is it possible to have the db on my laptop, and then when I am working on the desktop (most of the time) I would then use the datafile on the laptop? That way, there is only one version of the datafile, sometimes used directly by the laptop, sometimes used via my network from the desktop.


Not sure if you can access a Devonthink db over a network (I’m sure Bill or someone else can answer this) but of course if you’re willing to forgo using your laptop’s CPU while it’s sitting on your desktop you could mount it as a firewire drive…

– Paul

That’s the point, I would like to keep my laptop running…