sharing file between sites

I have a large database running at home in DTPO and although i know that if I shut it down I can use it at the office I tend to leave it running all the time. The database is on dropbox.

I would like to open it simultaneously at the office - still me, not shared with anyone. I’m content to buy another copy of DTPO if necessary. Is this what i need to do. I like the functionality and am much less bothered about the cost.

Storing a database on Dropbox is the best way to destroy your data. It might not have happened yet, but it will. Dropbox is not designed for simultaneous sharing of files, it does not support the technology necessary for this purpose. Nor is DEVONthink designed for multiple simultaneous users of a database – no matter where the database is stored.

For additional advice, see this thread. First, remove the database from Dropbox as Bill DeVille explains.

OK will do that, shame about the lack of simultaneous use. Many thanks.

Maybe someday – meanwhile, you can run the Server in DEVONthink Pro Office and, for example, access databases from the remote machine. Need to enable web sharing and a few other settings that are described in the manual (IIRC).

Or use the Sync procedure built into DEVONthink. To sync databases on Macs that are remote from each other, either use Sync via Dropbox, or Sync to a store on a portable hard drive that can be used to sync the other Mac’s database(s).

I must be losing it! My apologies. I now recall having a problem about 18months ago and rearranged databases. It was so traumatic I blotted it out.

It looks like I then set up the database up on my home desktop hard drive and using DTPO Sync in the preferences have it syncing daily to dropbox (at 5am).

Could I then set up another copy of dtpo at the office to sync with the dropbox copy? At say 6am.

My addled brain seems to think that this makes sense?

Makes sense. Just for comfort I’d sync the home instance at 4 AM and the office at 6 AM (greater window in case of network issues). The sync the office at 5 PM and the home at 7 PM. Or something like that.

Many thanks, will see what I can sort out.