Sharing PDF annotations

Great release! And I love being able to annotate PDFs in place! Is there a way to flatten the doc for sharing?

I didn’t see any issue with annotations not being present when I sent one to myself.

I have a similar problem: in DTTG 2.0 I highlight some text in a PDFs, then I open it in Scrivener for iOS, and the highlights are lost. That’s unfortunate because DTTG is perfect for collecting and researching , while Scrivener is for outlining and writing. Any chance that this could be solved?

Are the annotations added on iOS displayed on the Mac, e.g. by DEVONthink or by Preview? Then it’s likely that Scrivener for iOS doesn’t display or doesn’t support annotations.

I’ m unable to check this right now, because I’m away from my Mac for some days.

At the Scrivener forum I found this post by the Developer :
“Unlike on the Mac, there is no dedicated PDF view on iOS. Scrivener therefore just loads imported PDFs into a standard web view, which is the way PDFs are generally loaded on Scrivener. How the PDF is displayed is then entirely down to Apple’s frameworks.”

And it’s also said, that Scrivener iOS can show flattened PDFs. … er-and-pdf

Annotations aren’t displayed that way.

I tried some things.

I could open a PDF with highlights that I prepard in Bookends in DTTG, but not in Scrivener. When I open this PDF out of DTTG in Scrivener I can open it, but without highlights.

I opened th highlighted pdf in PDF Expert, it shows the highlights, when I open it then the App offers me the possibility to save it as PDF with annotations that I can change, or as flattened PDF (annotations which one can not alter). I save it as flattened PDF and that PDF shows the highlights when opened in Scrivener. Would be nice, when DTTG could do, what PDF Expert can, so that One doesn’t need another App for the workflow.

my dream: a workflow only with DTTG and Scrivener iOS. :slight_smile:

Annotations aren’t editable anymore after flattening, they’re part of the PDF page afterwards.

That would be okay in Scrivener. Would be nice if DTTG would offer the possibility to transfer a copy of an annotated PDF as flattened PDF to Scrivener.

PDF annotations are a standard feature of the PDF definition. It would be more advisable if Scrivener would move to a PDF viewer (like we did) that renders annotations :slight_smile:

We’ll suggest to them as we know the Scrivener people well.

Fine, would be nice. :slight_smile: