Sharing to a specific group?

Loving DTTG on iPad and have a question. When I send something to DTTG from another application via the Share Pane, it is straight forward to choose the target database. However, I’ve not found a way by experimenting or reading the manual to send it to a specific group in the database, as one can do on the Mac. Is this possible and, if so, can someone please share how to do it? If it is currently not possible, would the development team please take it under consideration for future versions?


My workaround has been to turn off the database option that excludes groups from tags. This option is only accessible on the Mac version. After switching off this option on the Mac and syncing the database with the iOS version, your groups should become available as tags.

Thanks for the suggestion. Given how I organize my database, that’s not a realistic option for me. I hope it can be introduced as a core feature in the future.