Sheet Questions

I have a sheet with a custom metadata item which is an Item Link.

If I Lock the sheet, all of the fields become read-only EXCEPT the Item Link - it does not work as a hyperlink but rather it still lets me traverse the item tree of my database. Moreover, if I convert the Sheet to HTML or PDF, the item link still is not an active hyperlink.

How do I get the Item Link to be locked/read-only and to work as an active link?

I have set up custom metadata fields which are text fields with multiple options as drop-downs.

When I Lock the sheet, the drop-downs do not lock; those values can still be changed.

Is this correct?

Also - how do I get a “multi-line” text field to display in multiple lines? If I enter text longer than the width of the field, the text at the end is truncated rather than shifting to multiple lines.

Development would have to respond on this.

Probably a bug similar to Text Fields with Dropdowns do not Lock

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