Sheets and DevonThink Pro 2.0

I have some questions about DevonThink Pro 2.0 which were not addressed on the New Features page:

First, is it now possible to use RTF formatting in sheets?
Second, is it now possible to search by field (or “column”) in sheets?
Third, is it now possible to include links in sheets?



I have a similar question actually - I am looking at some very large excel files, that contain textual descriptions of (in this case) thousands of medical concepts. I want to see if a certain field in that sheet, has a semantic similarity to some other field (either in that sheet, or in another field within the sheet in my project database). I was thinking that Devon’s AI and searching capacities might be well suited for this, but it would require that it operates on an individual row level on the sheet, as opposed to across an entire document. Does it do this?

If not, I saw a thread in searching the help forum about having devonthink split a sheet’s individual rows into separate documents. This functionality would give a work around here, in that those documents would be searched as separate entities by DevonThink’s AI. I didn’t see that that was resolved (I admit I haven’t looked into doing this at the Excel level and it may well be possible there).

As a second question, if I do use devonthink in this capacity, how would I describe / cite it? I’m mindful that it’s proprietary technology, but a description of what it does, good enough to satisfy an academic would be helpful. Thanks!