Sheets and Records in DTOP2

Interesting. (I was purely curious, not asking those questions as a prelude to an attack or anything. I love knowing more about how other people use DTP)

IIRC, the first response to my first post on this forum begging for new features for DTP was by Bill DeVille. Bill said that DTP can’t be all things to all people. I see this response lurking frequently in others’ posts :slight_smile:

There are dedicated genealogy apps, even though the one or two I’ve used didn’t seem to be very good. (I haven’t tried MacFamilyTree, which seems [from some casual Googling] to be the leader… maybe I should. Any recommendations?) I’m not very interested in genealogy aside from how it could enrich my writing, but I’d expect to see some basic features in a genealogy app:

  • Ability to view and filter and search within large amounts of data, probably in a table view.
  • Ability to contain/display varying forms of data (pictures, biographical notes, etc).
  • Ability to export family trees of varying sizes to a variety of formats.
  • Ability to handle complex/non-traditional relationships, such as illegitimate children, cohabitation, incest, multiple marriages, homosexual relationships, etc.
  • A UI that doesn’t make Baby Jesus cry.

I’d like to see the first and second items within DEVONthink – which would also work for a complex mini-database of Inuit mythology, or my address book, or lectures for a college class, or the houses my wife and I are looking at buying, or the tricks we want to teach our dogs, or a small encyclopedia of Apple products, or whatever.

I view those features as being general purpose – things that almost any DEVONthink user could potentially benefit from.

You raise a good point concerning Filemaker; but Filemaker is a cross-platform application and will never be able to implement many of the features I find desirable. A UI that doesn’t stink, for instance, but I’m being catty. It’ll never support RTFD, and embedding BLOBs will always be more complex and less satisfying than in a native Cocoa app. I believe that’s why they created Bento, which seems from my limited usage to be a beautiful but rather unimpressive application in terms of database features. It might start being a usable solution around v5, but they’ll probably just add more iApp integration :neutral_face:

Filemaker has other hurdles that DEVONthink does not – it’s built to be multiuser, to be used basically by professionals and contractors (I mean, have you tried to make a Filemaker database look like something designed in the past twenty years?), to deal with demand and performance standards that DEVONthink will never have to handle, to make runtime/kiosk versions of its solutions, and so on. Filemaker can handle field data in excess of 2GB per field per record, if I remember correctly. DEVONthink would never be called upon to do that.

Now, I tend to get ahead of myself when babbling about features. Fundamentally, I’d like Sheets to be real spreadsheets – which includes almost by definition the ability to handle embedded calculations. This in itself is not new or overwhelmingly difficult – the first “killer app” for PCs was VisiCalc, and it had embedded calculations. Borland shipped spreadsheet source code as a sample for their C compiler. I’m not particularly interested in things like pivot tables (though they’re nice) or multidimensional spreadsheets or cutesy banners or graphics or anything like that. Just spreadsheets with typed fields and embedded calculations, which is about .0001% of the Excel codebase and about 99% of what Excel is actually used for.

I hope that makes sense. If I didn’t make this clear, these aren’t 2.0 requests. 3.0 or 2.5 possibly.

I didn’t take it as an attack. I’m only intimidated by people who post all in bold.

I personally use Reunion. It does everything you list and has the best manual written for any software, ever. I would like to see it add a mapping function, but that wasn’t on your list.

That of course would be nice, and I can see how sheets could be expanded to do more. Excel can create standalone spreadsheets, but they aren’t integrated with other data. Filemaker is too big for most people’s needs. Maybe a little competition for Bento? That is if the record view is brought back!

Have you started the 3.0 Request Thread yet?

:smiley: Maybe I’ll do that today or tomorrow, if someone else doesn’t get to it first.

I also would like to have a more open and capable version of sheets.

I’ve used other digital-junk-drawer software over the years, and I came to evaluate DTP2 just the other day hoping for something like the missing capability of the old sheets. I’ve been looking for a database program for the mac, and I’d been thinking of buying Bento, in spite of so many lukewarm reviews.

DTP does seem to have potential above the other snippet software I’ve used, but should I buy it when I won’t really be extending my capabilities? I was hoping for some more structured or semi-structured database capabilities.

I’m a serious photographer, and I want to keep meta-meta data on my photos. Printing notes. Notes on different versions of a file. Edition notes, for prints I’ve sold. While it might be possible to do this in sheets, I might as well just use a spreadsheet. I’d rather be able to have a thumbnail of the photo, be able to drag and drop for file paths, etc, as well as my notes.

I’ve got Lightroom for photo management such as that is.

After hours playing with DTP2, I’m still thinking I might have to buy Bento.