Sheets and the possibility of having links

I will start a process of negotiating about 60 actors for a pretty large TV-serial. I have it all in an Excel Spreadsheet that I easily can import in DTpro office

Since I have to be able to send reports to the administration (PM) in Excel I think DT pro will work: export the sheet as a delimited text, import it in Excel, make it look nice and off with the reports. Maybe this can be done in a script or automator. If anyone has some ideas I would be grateful, because using script and Automator is not what I am good at.

But most important is to get Links to work. As far as I can understand CG revealed that one can get it to work in this thread: … link+sheet

But unfortunately I can’t get it to work. And I guess that I misunderstood CG there. Anyway this is really a feature that could be so useful.

The simple alternative as I see it is either to use a spreadsheet i.e. Excel (Bat Tables seems pretty nice by the way) or some database arrangement like a simple Filemaker application. Both will be quite easy, but will add open programs, reduce free RAM so I’d really like to make it happen in my DT…

Is it possible to link from sheet yet:?:


Leif, it’s not possible to link from records as they are plain text only. There have been other requests for linking from records. I would like that, too. :slight_smile: