sheets, email questions from lapsed user

Wow, I am impressed with how much better the documentation and learning aids are for DTP than they were two or three years ago. Great job–I’m glad to see it.
However, I do have a couple of problems that may be in the documentation or forum (but that “sorry you can’t search now” message is a hurdle at night).

  1. I have a number of images and urls that are in DTP and I would like to put them into a sheet. Is there any easy way to do this? (Easy = select+copy+paste or some equivalent.)

  2. My retired DB has a number of links. Is there a blanket way in DTP of testing for the live links and separating them from the dead links?

  3. I’m a member on a listserve with very animated academics, and I’d like to put the emails into an archive of their own (these come separately, not in a daily combined message). Ideally, I’d be happy with archiving only the last message in a thread because all those separate references to “evolution” repeated each time in a thread of 15 messages will completely swamp a search. Is there a solution to this?

Thanks for your help!

Sheets can contain only plain text right now.

No. But this should be scriptable.

Thanks for the reply, which helped me to answer a few other questions. Let me pursue the sheets question a bit. I am less concerned with putting images into a sheet than in have the names of the .jpg files, their sourced URLs, and date added in a form where I can export them to an Excel file.

So I click and unclick columns in the DTPO to show only:

Im1.jpg 2/1/09
Im2.jpg 3/1/08
Im3.jpg 2/2/09

And I would like it to look the same way in the Excel file.
Bento would work for this, except that DevonAgent has an excellent integration with DTPO, which lets me find and grab the images automatically. I’d prefer looking for and storing the images in DTPO, but I need the Excel file to function as a bibliographic source document for the students, almost all of whom are PC users.

Excel should be able to open the exported .tsv file. In addition, you might have a look at the script ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/DEVONagent/Add abstracts to DEVONthink Pro.scpt.

Yes, I understand that part, Christian. I would like to get the image.jpg files and URLs into a sheet without having to type them individually. Once in the sheet, I should be able to export it. So the question is, is there anyway for DevonAgent to put this information into a DTPO sheet? Alternatively, is there anyway to export it in .tsv format without writing a script?

Perhaps I can make my question more clear by appending this image.

I would like to wind up with a tabular form that records the filename, the download date, the URL and comments as the last column.


I just got the email archive to work the way that I wanted for my chatty academic listserve. It is superlative. This list has been one of the dark holes of my life for the last 6 years. Now I have a coherent list that confirms my sense that the topics and contributors are fascinating. Because it is in a separate database, I can include it in my research searches when necessary or not. I have two other lists with similar issues, and I’ll but them in the same DB. Thank you, Christian, Eric, Bill and others.


The script mentioned above is just an example how to script sheets, DEVONagent isn’t required.

That should be scriptable. You might have a look at the scripts in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Scripts/Sheets too for more examples.