Sheets, intended open with?

Have just created my first Sheet. Aware of Sheets’ limitations, I have found a nice, simple use which will save me time.

In Three Pane View, I can see the contents of the Sheet in the View/Edit pane.

But when I double-click on the Sheet in the Item List, it opens in Numbers, which I don’t really want.

Is this the expected behaviour, please? Can I have a Sheet open - natively - inside DT?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: .

Double-clicking is used to open notes in external apps

Thanks, @DTLow, Yes…

Am I misreading pages 80 to 83 of JK’s ‘Take Control…’ book, which suggest that it is possible to open a Sheet within DT?

Looking at a sheet in DT, I see the screenshot below
I can add columns or rows using the toolbar

Disable Preferences > General > Double-click opens documents externally.

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Thanks, Jim - of course; I should have known that!

I don’t suppose it’s possible to change the behaviour of double-clicking type-by-type/app-by-app, is it? Or could be made so in a future release?

Most apps I do want to open externally. But because Sheets are a kind of DT native, I’d like to keep them in DT.

No you can’t set a per-filetype option.
The only option is to leave it disabled and use the Open Externally toolbar button or press Shift-Command-O.

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Yes - thanks, Jim… there’s always a way :slight_smile:

Indeed, that’s true :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @DTLow - I’ve discovered quite a lot.

I use command-O and command-shift-O mostly, but you can also customise your tool bar (right click then drag your command) to include open and open externally.

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I still have a lot of muscle-memory for Shift-Command-O too from many, many years of DEVONthink 2.x :slight_smile: