Sheets not behaving as expected

Anyone having problems with sheets in DT3? Created a simple sheet today, couldn’t edit any of the cells. Created a sheet in apple numbers to try a different method, and imported as CSV and still would not allow editing of any cells with labels and data within the spreadsheet intermittently greying out. Is this a known issue? Created it again few hours later, allowed editing but various cells kept greying out, as filled in the lines, but then editing another cell caused all data in a column to be changed for several rows before finally getting the correct input to be accepted.

Also two other issues - when sort a column cannot “unsort” as sometimes the order that rows are entered is relevant and cannot get back to original order, this can happen if accidentally sort e.g. in DTTG on a touch device. Could this be considered as a potential future request unless have overlooked an obvious method to unsort?

Second issue is when specify column type, the type of column is appended to the column name e.g. in DTTG. so may see something like “#text” after it.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

No. Which macOS version and what kind of columns do you use? Do you edit sheets in table or form view? Screenshots would be great, thanks.

Might be user error in part. I am using Catalina, 10.15. The inability to input data was probably column type set to wrong type, but the greying out persists. Often all lines will be greyed out like this screenshot, except the row that is being edited, but often one other row (not being edited will not be greyed out).

In this screen shot the font colour has all been set to light grey, but as stated some rows are not always set to this colour and remain the default regular. Interestingly activating the inbuilt mac screen shot often results in the font colour returning to normal for all rows, so could be a Catalina issue. Is that expected?

Is there any work around with other two issues?

No. This could be another one of the many bugs of Catalina.

A future release of DEVONthink To Go will improve this.