Sheets - Records Whatever

:question: OK… I’ve been looking all over this board and I have one question. When will the “Sheets - Records” function be re-implemented? I use the Record in DTPO v154 as a formed dateabase to store passwords, serial numbers and a lot of other info, it is critical to me in order to upgrade to v2.

A little more information other than we’ve been thinking about it would be helpful since I paid for this upgrade back in December.

Thanks for a great product (Work faster)! :unamused:

An enhanced form view as an alternative to the sheet view will be added to version 2.x. But there won’t be any stand-alone records anymore like in v1.x.

Can you give us some idea as to what this form view would look like? And a timeline? 2.x is a vague descriptor, especially given the slow birth of v2 (years). I realize a lot of development has gone into v2, and I realize that all developers are reluctant to announce future release dates. However, the loss of sheets is a major and severe regression in the feature set, and such a regression deserves a treatment different from discussion of new features.

Please understand that we, too, are reluctant to publish concrete dates of the very same reasons… Sorry :slight_smile: