Sheets request (DT Pro)

I tried playing around with sheets by dumping my database of funded proposals into it. Now I would like to sort the entries by date but they only sort alphabetically/numerically. I know that I could make a new field and enter the dates by yr-mon-day (2005-06-20 or just 20050620) that that seems like a lot of work. If a field were identified as a date enry, it would seem more useful.

Also, when you import a .tab file you end up with an unlabeld column which, I eventually figured out is supposed to be the title of the entry. This unlabeled column is just a duplicate of the first column of the .tab file. Seems strange to have two identical columns in the sheets view (now I will know better than to export my database with the date field first!

I’ve found from other users that it’s best to place a .tsv suffix on a tabbed text file than the .tab suffix.

Keep an eye on the forum for discussions of sheet/records tips.