Sheets — suggestions

Align right in columns with numbers

Column “Sum” would be look better.

Remove decimals when “Integer Number, Currency”

Column “Sum” defined as “Integer Number, Currency”, but we see decimals.

Sort “Item Link” columns by visible value

We can see sorting by “Sale” column — it is not alphabetically, as user can expect.

DEVONthink To Go — same functional

Please make DEVONthink To Go Sheets like in DEVONthink Pro.

No reason to make perfect registers and catalogs in DEVONthink Pro when impossible to use “Item Link” columns in DEVONthink To Go.

Working “Item Link” columns are very desirable in DEVONthink To Go.

Maybe you’d be better off to use Numbers in this case? The sheets in DT are actually quite limited, and I don’t see a point in improving them until they can do what a spreadsheet does.


Sheets are used for automation — as catalogs / data directories.

They store sku-s, stock quantities, purchase and sale prices, links to files with HTML descriptions, links to registers, links to files with images in Base64, etc.

Using Shortcuts on i*OS we (small family business) do

  • quotations with graphics
  • invoices with graphics
  • purchase orders
  • more and more

Every transaction is written to corresponding register automatically.

Currently I build working system on macOS with JXA.

Sheets look very attractive for registers — I mean journals of sales and so on. Now we use Markdown for registers, with automation of cause.

If “Item Link” columns are working on i*OS like in macOS, I could replace Markdown registers with Sheets registers.

There are many use cases for Sheets as catalogs in households and small businesses. For instance, as library catalog or stock book, especially with “Item Link” columns


BTW, “Single-Line Text” text columns are perfect to assign category.

While I get that, I wouldn’t hold my breath that DEVONtechnologies (for whom I can’t speak, of course) will realise your suggestions any time soon. That’s why I suggest using Numbers files for what you’re doing – and you can also use JXA with those.

Since in another thread you mentioned thumbnails for files: There’s currently no way to add them to sheets in DT (afaict), but it should be feasible in Numbers. Furthermore, Numbers documents on i*OS are supposed to work exactly as they do on macOS.

Trying to bend DT’s sheets to what can be better handled by a real spreadsheet application might be possible, but it will be a long and thorny road.


Its been hard to find a reason to use these sheets when so many good spreadsheet apps are virtually free. Perhaps Devon tech could buy a 3’rd party spreadsheet engine and integrate it with DT3. That would be nice.

Why should they do that? You can open all files stored in DT with the app that handles them best. Which is A Good Thing.

The alternative would be to add a spreadsheet app to DT and an image program and a video editor and a fully fleshed text editor …


Well, some reasons coming to my mind are cross-linking, rich text support, form view, conversion to other file formats or document search using operators & wildcards. Or the sheets which DEVONthink can easily create for you (e.g. import of contacts or metadata overview or highlights summary).

And simple calculations are actually planned for future releases.

I mean these thumbnails.

Sheets look very perspective as for me. Just need further development.

Very need — Item Links in DEVONthink To Go like in DEVONthink Pro.

I made one of registers in Numbers manually.

Result — cumbersome. Need to use to manipulate data or to go via link.

Meanwhile Sheets are fast and lightweight.

Will wait for Item Link implementation in DEVONthink To Go — to switch my registers from Markdown to Sheets.

Anyway thanks for the idea — it can be useful for another automation.

As I said: Numbers is scriptable.

Though it’s probably more cumbersome than with DT & its sheets. But then, it’s more complete functionwise, too.

Yes, I see, Numbers are more functionwise.

We already use Shortcuts on i*OS, where Shortcuts read and update definite cells.

And it’s easy and fast to update items’ quantity at stock with iPhone.

I inspired by @cgrunenberg’s post :heart_eyes: