Sheets (tabular data) import and export

I just started using Sheets and from what I can see we can import .csv files, therefore making possible to import data from Excel.

However, I don’t see any export options except .tsv (that apparently it’s not accepted by Excel). Is there any other export format that can be accepted by Excel? If not, would it be possible to implement it, or indicate a way around it? :question:

You could try if a different file extension (e.g. .csv, .tdf or .tab) will be accepted by Excel.

I could, but how to I convert .tsv (the format I get when drag-drop from DTP) to .csv? :question:

I don’t know if Excel is smart enough :smiley: but it should analyze the contents.

Well that has to be one of the most spectacularly unhelpful replies I’ve ever seen on this forum!

While I wasn’t the original poster, the “value” of sheets and records is almost nil if the information can’t be shared with applications like Excel or Tables or others. Not literally zero: it does have value, but almost zero.

Sheets and records is a feature I never use in DTP, but would if it was helpful. The inability to “share” however makes it useless for me. TSV isn’t read by Excel, nor by a number of other apps. Changing the file’s extension (which I just did in a test) doesn’t change the readability. So, at the very least, having an option (even in preferences) to save as CSV or some shareable format would immediately make sheets much more attractive to users.

Christian —

I tried Excel, Tables and Mariner Cal and none of this apps accepts .tsv. It seems the tabs are one of the less used Delimiter-separated values; specially when comparing with .csv. :frowning:

However, I did find a way around it: change the xxx.tsv to xxx.txt. Both Excel and Tables accept it.

However, I do agree Michellm: the values of sheets are less because of this, since the workflow intended is not working (I’m supposing the DTP devs intend to provide their clients the best possible program with the smoother, faster workflow).

Therefore, as a client I am requesting a different format for DTP sheets, changing from .tsv to .csv (either native or via export). If, for some reason, this is not possible can you explain why?

What version of Excel are you using? I’m using Office 2004 and have no problems opening .tsv files with Excel. I’m not sure why you can’t.

Like KP – and probably Christian – I’ve been puzzled by this thread.

Yes, of course Excel can directly open a .tsv file created by the export of a Sheet from a DT Pro database.

Some versions of Excel can recognize the .tsv file type directly. Excel 2008 doesn’t, at first blush, appear to recognize this file type.

No problem. Just choose from the options ‘All Files’ and open the .tsv file. The wizard recognizes the data structure, and one ends up with a good import into Excel.

Numbers doesn’t offer all the filetype options that Excel does, and doesn’t recognize files with the .tsv suffix. That’s not much of a problem. Change the filetype suffix to .txt and open the file in Numbers. There it is!

Apparently Excel 2008 doesn’t do this and neither other apps like Tables. I have no idea why Excel dropped the direct support for .tsv.

Thanks, Bill. I wish you had replied earlier since your answer would have avoided spending so much time on this issue. Christian input was too vague and I was lost in there. I spent quite a long time to work my way around it and to find how to open the .tsv file on Excel. Alas, I did not remember to see ‘All Files’ (therefore the .tsv was never available to be open), although (as I say above) I did manage to do work around it via .txt.

In any case, I’m happy I can import DTP sheets to Excel. I’m still convinced that .csv would be easier to work with. But, after knowing the ways around .tsv, this format is acceptable and allows me to fully use the potential of DTP sheets.