Shopping Plugin

Are there any “shopping” plugins available?

Ferinstance, one that would solve the Froogle (Google Products) example as is shown in the DA tutorial covering Search Sets. Prefereably a plugin including several of the specialized shopping search engines like,,, etc.

I don’t think that there are any, especially as many advanced features (e.g. Digest, Summaries, Topics or Scanners) are almost useless for this task. Therefore I’m curious - what exactly do you expect from using DEVONagent for shopping?

Frankly, I did not think through the details. My thought was basically only one of query consolidation. Submitting a single product query to DA and then have it in turn submitted to a Search Set of several of those specialized shopping search engines.

In the DA tutorial this approach was used with Froogle as an example to explain why a Search Set technique doesn’t work and the need for plug-ins.

My thought was basically a way to get the approach to work with say, Froogle plus some others, but instead by using plug-ins. Yes, the advanced features of DEVONagent would only have limited value.