Short cut for: Data> Autosort (Daten > automatisch ein

For a lot of things DTPros suggestion where to put an item works very well for me, it would therefore be very useful to have a shortcut to accept the suggestion.

Classify activates the “Move” button (see blue focus ring around the button) and therefore pressing Enter should usually work.

Yeah, but I don’t want to hover all the way across the screen with the mouse to click “Einordnen”. What I’m asking is: how do I move the item that is currently highlighted to the suggested location?

Sorry, thought that you were referring to the Classify drawer but not to “Autoclassify”. At the moment (until a new release will be available) you could either add the Autoclassify item to the toolbar or you could use the Keyboard & Mouse system preferences of Mac OS X to define a shortcut.