Shortcut for DT Script Menu

DEVONthink Maual:
" You can change the shortcuts for menu commands in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts."

This seems not to work for DT scritp menu.
Any solution?

Why would you need a shortcut to the Script menu instead of to a specific script?

Sorry, I am a bloody beginner. I just want a quick way to add a DT note to Omni
focus :flushed:

No worries!

You can go into System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts and add a hotkey for the Add as To Do To OmniFocus.

And yes, before @pete31 says anything :wink: , you could also try CustomShortcuts by our friend at Houdah Software to set the hotkey

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Thanks, Bluefrog, - now I’ve managed to define a short key.
However, there is strange behaviour. Only when using the short key, - DT asks me to select a sheet :thinking:
I have recorded a short video for illustration.

Try a different hotkey, like Command-F12. Do you see the same behavior?

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Command F12 works! :flushed:
Can you tell me what the difference is? :thinking:
Thanks a lot

There must have been a conflict with the hotkey you assigned.
Command-Option is going to be a very common set of hotkeys. Command-Control is usually less frequently pre-assigned in an app.

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Hi @BLUEFROG and others.

I tried this same approach for a script.

When I select the script manually from the menu it works fine.

When I trigger it with the assigned hotkey it does not automatically run the script → instead, it opens the script in the script editor and I have to manually click the “play” button to actually execute the script.

Welcome @apoikola

  • What did you make the shortcut to?
  • What format is your script ?

Unfortunately, I can not put links or images as I am new at the forum. But the script is an exact copy of the 10-line script for copying an item link in markdown, that you @BLUEFROG provided here → discourse.devontechnologies /t/markdown-version-of-the-item-link/55041/18

The script is saved in the ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.devon-technologies.think3/Menu

Is the script saved as a .scpt file?

PS: I elevated your trust level.

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Thanks a LOT the .scpt addition made it work :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.
Was the extension previously .applescript ?