Shortcut for Insert Quote

I am pretty sure this has been figure out by somebody in the community, but I am struggling to accomplish this task. I am trying to create a Mac keyboard shortcut for the Insert Quote command found in Annotations & Reminders Inspector menu. I am able to successfully activate the Annotations & Reminders menu, but cannot get it to insert quote for the life of me.

Here is the short cut “Annotations & Reminders->Annotations ▾->Insert Quote” that I think should work, but it doesn’t. I have tried every variation possible, I think one even worked temporarily until I tried it again. If somebody has figured this one out I would appreciate it the tip.

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Welcome @quico

There is no need to use a long form for the menu title (and actually can’t be since it’s not a menubar menu).
Just use Insert Quote.

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Thank you, this was very useful to know how it was supposed to work. The shortcut I created now shows in the menu next to the Insert Quote command. It did not immediately work, I found that I had to manually use the Insert Quote command, before the shortcut would work. This must have been the root cause of my failed trial and errors. It is all working now as expected. Thank you for your help.

Yes, that is a peculiarity of macOS. After assigning app hornets, you need to display the menu to register it (and it shows if The shortcut is set properly).

You’re welcome.