Shortcut for search in top right of window

Hi there,

I’m after a keyboard shortcut to the search dialogue in the top right of the DT window. Please see attached.

CMD + F and ALT + CMD + F initiate different kinds of searches.

Any ideas?



Cmd-F opens/activates the Find panel to search in documents, Cmd-Alt-F activates the search field of main/search windows to search in the database.

Thanks cgrunenberg but that doesn’t answer my question.

Cmd + Alt + F activates the search field as shown in your screenshot for me.

My mistake - I had a conflict with Keyboard Maestro. It works as you describe on my Macbook but didn’t on my iMac due to my personal configuration.

Sorry if my previous message seemed a bit “short”.

Appreciate the answers and DTPO is a really game changer for my productivity. I’m even thinking of calling my puppy Devon when we get one!!!