Shortcut keys for moving, promoting, demoting in sidebar?

Are there any keyboard shortcuts for moving items up and down or promoting and demoting an item in the sidebar? Thanx

i’m not sure what exactly you are looking for (i’m new to DTpro) but if you have a menu item, then you can see the short cut written at the right of the item.
If there is no short cut you can build your own with OS-X in the system settings (go to: keyboard - shortcuts; then you can create your own shortcuts for every menu item in all or just a selected application)

Are there menu items for moving groups or notes in the sidebar? Where?

agreed. all that would be needed is a menu item to move it up or down in an (unsorted) folder list.

full shortcut keys management would be very nice

I don’t like outliners, but I do like to prioritize or sequence within a folder. dragging the files in the folder view is very tricky. (its apple’s drag-sort thing I’ve never liked)

I’ve long wished it was possible to cut and paste selected documents as a method of moving them, e.g. like I do with misplaced bookmarks in Safari.