Shortcut on Sheets?

Anybody know if there’s a keyboard command to make a new record or new column on sheets? Thanks.

You could add application-specific shortcuts via System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse.


I’ve tried that with no luck. Maybe you can tell me what I’m doing wrong. From Keyboard Shortcuts in System Preferences, I chose DevonThink Pro Office as the Application. For Menu Title, I entered “New Record”, and the shortcut I used was control-option-command J (I chose that to avoid conflicts). I logged off and back on, opened a sheet in its own window, tried the menu command and nothing happens.

So where am I screwing up?



You’ll need to change the menu title to ‘New Record…’ and the three dots is an ellipsis (Option-;), not three periods.

Thanks Greg. That works. I knew I was missing something.