Shortcut or Menu Item to quickly add a tag

DevonThink 3.7.2
Catalina latest release.

I am looking for a way to quickly add tags. I prefer to avoid multiple clicks in the inspector info window.

1- The menu shortcut Edit → Tags… does nothing (nothing happens)

2- I looked at the Help, I can’t find Item > Add Tags in the Menu

  • Select the items to be tagged in the list*
  • Choose Item > Add Tags from the menu*
  • Choose a tag from the list, or start typing the name of the tag and press Return to change the text into a tag*
  • Repeat for any other tags*
    *Press Return again to apply the tags

3- the following is not useful (for images)

thank you very much !

  1. Edit > Tags puts the cursor in the Tags bar under the view/edit pane or the Tags field of the Info inspector.

  2. Item > Add Tags. Where are you getting this? There is no Item menu.

  3. Data > Tags > Add Tags to Images uses machine learning technology to attempt to identify items in an image. It will add tags if something can be identified.

Bear in mind, this is a machine we’re dealing with so you get its best guesses. Sus scrofa (a wild boar) wouldn’t apply to this little cutie :heart: but the machine guessed it may relate.


Selecting an item and pressing CTRL+ENTER takes you to the Tags bar below the view/edit pane. There you can start typing the tag name and select from list, etc. Press Return to change the text to a tag.

Am not sure if you were asking specifically something to do with images. This is a general shortcut I use all the time.

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thank you and very sorry for the delay.
Item → Add Tags was something I found in help but it was at the bottom and concerned another app. I am an idiot !!

Many apologies for the delay. I somehow missed the fact there were replies.
I am sorry but I can’t figure out where you are. I type Ctrl-Enter and nothing happens.
If it is not asking too much, could you post a snapshot of takes you to the Tags bar below the view/edit pane. I am unable to reproduce this.
thanks very much


Now I understand ! Very useful. Thank you so much !!

and thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to create an annotated ScreenShot


You’re welcome !

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