Shortcut to label one or many files

Started to label files, see that there is seven different labels. I have named them in Preferences in DTPO.

Is there a simple way to mark one or more documents and then give them a certain label via a keyboard shortcut inside DTPO?

Read an old thread where there is some kind of possibility in OS X.

I have KeyBoard Maestro as well but not sure how to program it.

What scares me now is how extremely powerful Devonthink is. Every time I try something new I find ten new ways of using the app that I did not know about!

Just about any menubar command for most OS X applications can be given a keyboard shortcut, or the shortcut changed, in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts . Your labels have names, and the names are “commands” in DEVONthink’s Data > Label menu. So, open System Preferences and give a shortcut to the name of any of your labels.

For example, I have a label named “Attention”. In the right side of the image, below, you can see where I used System Preferences to assign a shortcut to the “Attention” command – be sure to spell things exactly correct. And I show you what the result looks like in DEVONthink in the center of the image.

BTW, why be “scared” by software? Especially when it is so useful?

You can assign shortcuts to menu items in the OS X preferences. However, since you have Keyboard Maestro, that is also a simple way to do what you want. Make sure that DEVONthink is running, launch the Keyboard Maestro app, and add this shortcut, selecting the label that you want. Repeat for each of the labels.

Optionally, you can assign each of the 7 macros to the same hot key trigger and Keyboard Maestro will give you an menu to select from. If you have named your macros ‘1-Label name1’, 2-Label name2’, etc., you can assign the label by the number prefix.

I like Greg’s solution better – keyboard shortcuts are a pain to manage.

That’s cool. I never knew that. Avoids remembering increasingly convoluted shortcut key combos.

THANKS! Great forum, great app. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Korm. Works excellent!