Shortcut to OCR pref in Menus and toolbar


Thanks to DTPO, I’m going paperless office! Coupled with a Fujitsu Scansnap, it’s a real pleasure and I’m discovering the real power of DTPO.

Nevertheless, there are two option in the OCR tab of DTPO prefs which would be really important to have as menu/button options to switch them off/on quickly without going into prefs:

  1. Convert document to indexable PDF (sorry if the name is not correct, I’m using the french version).
  2. Define attributes

According to the type of documents I’m scanning into DTPO with the feed-tray of the Scansnap, it’s necessary to sometimes perform OCR (which increase weight), sometimes not. Also, sometimes I put a whole bunch of document and fill attribute later on in DTPO, sometimes it’s just one doc for which it’ll be better to fill attribute when importing. This is espceially true for creation date which we cannot modify later, except through a script which does not work on my system.

Thanks to think about it.

I second this. Sometimes I don’t need to OCR a scanned document and an easier way to deselect this without having to go through preferences would be very welcome.

Anyone want to try a script (perhaps with keyboard shortcut name) or Automator droplet to do that sort of thing?

Hi Stéphane: My experience is that DTPO works better for me if I just leave “Convert to searchable PDF” turned OFF. I’ll OCR those documents that need OCR capabilities while I’m taking breaks, or overnight.

I also leave “Set Attributes” turned off and fill in that information after the document shows up in the DTPO index.