Shortcuts for applescripts

I am continually dumping URLS and text snippits into DTP, and for that the applescripts provided are great, even tho the repetitive mousing is getting old fast. I would like to assign the most common applescripts to keyboard shortcuts. How can I do this? I want to postpone CTS for as long as possible!

Just add three underscores (___) to the filename followed by the shortcut, e.g. “MyScript___Cmd-Alt-X.scpt”.

The applescript inside
now reads
Add page to DEVONthink___Cmd-Alt-<.scpt

I restarted.

However, when I use that key combination, nothing happens.

I’m this close to realizing a huge productivity boost, I can feel it :wink:

It’s recommended to use only characters as non-characters are keyboard/language specific (e.g. on some systems Cmd-Alt-L is actually like Cmd-@)