Shortcuts for Styles

Hello everyone,

I just started to use Devonthink, great app, but there’s just one thing I don’t understand: why are the favorite (text) styles so hard to select? I have to use go Format, Styles, Styles, and my favorite (so 4 clicks) to select the one 1 want. In my case I’m making a grammar database, so I have different titles size, fonts and colors depending on my text…Like big and red for titles, grey and smaller for subtitles and so on…so I want to be able to switch (transform) any text I tap on the go without going to that hassle of formats, styles etc…
I regret that there’re no tools that could be added on the toolbar and any inspector for that.

However I did found what could be the key of problem, but it doesn’t work as described … shortcuts/

I followed exactly the procedure of the above link but as expected my shortcuts are to to avail when I press them, since the style names I created don’t actually appear as a menu item but are part of the the last styles window…So if of course I set a shortcut for any existing default styles (like bold) that is in the menu as an item it works, but not for any NEW style I created.

Anyone could help me on that one? :frowning:


Must agree with you - hope that the next iteration of DTP makes selection of styles/font etc. a bit more streamlined and easier.

I suggest trying the procedure again. I just now followed Eric’s instructions in that blog post with success. I created a style using Helvetica Neue Medium for the font, named it HelvMedium, added it to Favorites and assigned a shortcut:

Thank you for your reply!

I got a tiny problem, I don’t have your setting bar on the top like you with style and alignments…
I just have a blank instead; how do you manage to enable this? I’m in rich text and looked for it but found nothing.

Shift-Command-R = Format > Show Ruler.

Thank you sir! Just what I needed :smiley: It worked.

I will be a bit picky but when I use styles on the app text edit, I do have the same styles I created on Devonthink but I like the fact the fonts are colorized in preview. On Devon there are in raw format in the preview list. Is there anything to toggle to enable this feature?

Any thoughts on it?

TextEdit in Mavericks (your screenshot) uses Apple technology – including the feature you mention – that is not yet available to other developers. You can, of course, easily open documents in your DEVONthink database(s) in any text editor you choose and use those features. Especially if they are better, from your perspective.