Shortcuts integration?

I would very much like to see Shortcuts integration from DevonThink To Go. I’m aware of the amazing URL scheme, but for people not familiar with URL schemes and just dipping their toes into water here, Shortcuts integration would be a great way to get started. At a first run I would like to see databases, groups, and creating a new markdown or plaintext note in the inbox of each database as options - I think that would give people a great taste for what they can accomplish.

Would this be a possibility? Do other users have thoughts on this?

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Hey, Rosemary! Yes, it’s certainly possible and it’s something we’ll be looking at when time allows.

Thanks! I have to say DTTG really is a great app, so I’m glad you’re considering this :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words. There’s always ways to improve - personally and professionally :smiley:

My wish for shortcuts:
“Copy to DEVONthink and set a reminder in Omnifocus”.
The App “Bear” has such a shortcut. Would love to see this for DT :slight_smile: