Shortcuts on Monterey

I doubt that. In order to avoid AppleScript/JavaScript, the developers would have to replicate the complete scripting dictionary in Shortcuts. And what would be the point of that?

A more convincing argument (for me) would be the (again: theoretical) portability of shortcuts across platforms. Which, again, in reality is nothing but a faint hope. I’m still not able to call a shortcut on macOS with an URL selected via the share menu. OTOH there’s no AppleScript/JavaScript support on iOS.

Shortcuts is a half-baked mess right now. And I don’t have hopes that it will get better (as in better, not as in more shiny marketing blurb) given Apple’s record.


I see shortcuts as a hacky API to pipe and glue and tape between different apps
Shortcuts, AppleScript, Terminal: Working around automation roadblocks – Six Colors
Maybe UNIX pipes would be more reliable​:grin: (hint; they have many rough edges too and programming in a shell is generally advised again if someone could write the same in Python for example) but in the end what matter is to get work done - and shortcuts are a bit easier to grasp than AS, even if they are harder to debug :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Offtopic - but maybe there are somewhere nice concise materials to learn enough basics of AS to manipulate windows, input and output in DT dabates ?

@pete31 posted a ton of code here. Also, looking for "tell window“ might turn up interesting stuff.

But what do you mean by “manipulate windows”?