Shortcuts - Open New Window for Global Tags or Trash?

I’d like to create a shortcut for quickly opening a new window to my Global Tags and Trash (i.e., similar to File -> New Window -> Inbox).

I can’t seem to find any easy way to do this from the menu, so I was just going to create keyboard shortcuts in the Better Touch Tool with scripts that’d open to these locations.

This feels like a very stupid question, but how do you reference Global Tags or Global Trash in an AppleScript (e.g., open window for …)? In plain language, I’d like the script to operate as if the user had opened a new window and selected Trash or Tags from the Sidebar (Sidebar: Navigate - Globals - Tags or Trash).

Apologies in advance if there is something I’ve missed in the manual. This seems straightforward, but after digging through it and this forum, I can’t seem to find much. Thanks for your help!

There isn’t an AppleScript reference to the top-level Tags or Trash. There are only references to the Tags or Trash groups (or Inboxes) of individual databases.

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That’s a bummer!

In any case, thanks for letting me know, @BLUEFROG

You’re welcome.