Shorter than Short - Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+N > Enter

I would like to jump just from enterring the name of a new text item into its body. With other words:

1.) I enter Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+N
2.) I enter the name of the item
3.) Now I would like to hit Enter and could directly enter the text of the body of the item.

How can I achieve it without leaving my fingers off the keyboard?

Try Enter (to update the name) then ⌃⌥⌘P.



Short answer is You can’t. And even if you technically could, it’s not a good idea. Enter is one of the most ubiquitous keys used on any computer. You don’t want to press Enter and switch to editing. What should it do when you press enter again? And again…? :slight_smile:

The shortcut suggested by @Stephen_C is for Go > Move Docus to Preview and it’s a good suggestion. It’s actually handy as you just need to switch from N to P with the other keys held.