should i create new database or add to old for large project


i am pretty new to DT (I have DT Pro 1.2, also DN and DA); I love it for filing files, webpages, texts, images, et cet. It is very organized but huge: it has 893 groups and is currently 247 MB.

I am starting a daily journal for 1 year based on newspaper stories. the average textfile i will be creating is only about 500 words but the folder with associated webpages and images averages about 800K to 1MB per folder. Multiply this by 365 and you can see my concern.

should i create new database or add to existing (which would be preferred but not essential since all my interests and associated files over the years reside in older, larger one)?

thanks for any help and patience



If it helps, your database is still very small compared to mine … its current stats are 3,756 groups, 36,630 rich texts, 14,205 links and 42,324,760 words … increasing by up to 1 - 2 million words a month. It works just fine. Fully optimised the file (excluding backups) is 1.17 GB, but can get a lot larger after I have been adding a lot of content, e.g. I have sometimes added up to 250,000 words in the space of 2-3 hours, and it might grow to 1.5 or 1.6 GB until optimised a couple of times. Performance is now better than it has ever been, but that may also be due to having upgraded to a MacBook Pro a few monhs ago.

I fully expect to take it up to 100 million words and there is no reason at the moment to think that will make it fall over.

So based on my experience, I really don’t think you’ll have any problems.


re: should i create new database or add to old for large project?

dear rollo

thanks a lot! that helps a great bit!

am off and running