Should I delete my files

Hello, I’m fairly new to DT and although I’m excited to use it and to create the database structure in DT to store my info I am wondering how “safe” it is to simply import all documents into DT and to not have another copy on the HDD. This would be extremely cumbersome. Can I rely on DT to be stable and to not lose my info or become corrupted and not allow me to access my documents? This is important to me since I already have a hierarchical structure accessible in my finder. I’m about to import it all into DT and I’m wondering what I do with the info now. Of course my computer HDD is backed up using time machine and mozy. I’m worried that if something goes corrupt in DT, then it serves me no purpose to have a back-up of a corrupted file system.
Thanks. :mrgreen:

As long as there’s a good backup strategy (meaning tested successfully at least once) and you’re backing up regularly & often, you don’t have to care about failures of hardware, drives, filesystems, software or the OS.

Anyway, for now you could simply index & synchronize your existing folder hierarchy and switch to importing later, if desired/necessary.