Should I switch to Devonthink??

I’m a waffling long-time Evernoter. Meaning, I’ve been using it for years, but it is NOT really working for me.

And … I’m starting a new job, that will require research projects. I’m thinking of moving to DT.

I’ve recently listened to Gabe on MacPowerUsers, and DT sounds like a good tool to use.

My concern is having the info in DT available on mobile, as my job will require traveling and research … Where my mobile devices are my connection to the web.

Is DT the tool for me??

Any guidance would be most appreciated.


  • Mike

Yes. Yes, it is. :mrgreen:

A functional trial that will run for 150 non-consecutive hours can be downloaded from here:

Also, we do have a mobile application - DEVONthink To Go - (that Syncs only with the Desktop version of DEVONthink). However, the new version of our mobile application is in beta right now and allows the use of some cloud services as a Sync location. It’s also a free upgrade to current DEVONthink To Go version 1 owners.

former evernote power user here. evernote is a brilliant app / service, but it didn’t meet my needs very well (no selective sync and an almost total lack of encryption), so i shifted more and more of my work into evernote over time. perfect, especially if you only use apple products (i love windows stuff, but these days it is tough to make multiple ecosystems work)

Thanks for the speedy/thoughtful response.

That helps knowing about the beta app.

So it sounds like a good next step would be to download a trial (which version??), and try it for a project??

Besides the tutorial(s) do you recommend any other resources to get started on the right track??

  • Mike

Unequivocally Yes you should switch. My advice would be to go for the DEVONthink Pro Office version as you will need it especially if you are also going to use DEVONthink To Go, (buy both together so you will get the upgrade free when it comes out). Secondly as you are starting a new job get both versions ASAP; I have used the Pro Office version for many years and am still learning and finding new things that it can do! It is a simple enough programme to get up and running but you will find the more you use it the more you will realise how good it is and how much more useful it will be for you ion your own needs. Finally do not hesitate to ask questions here, you will find that there are some great guys here who give of their knowledge especially if you are new to the world of DEVONthink. Go ahead and buy with confidence that it is probably the best decision regarding software that you have ever made. Good luck in your new job.

Thank you gentlemen for your response. Very helpful.

I’ve just download the trial version of “pro” and will jump on that.

These forums are helpful. Appreciated.

  • Mike

Good luck with your new job! :smiley: