Show a badge in Safari extension if visited page is already clipped

Sometimes I clip a website to DEVONthink twice, because I forget that I already did before. Readwise Reader or Pocket extensions show me if I saved visited page before.

It would be awesome if DEVONthink would do the same.

Screenshot of Readwise extension is attached.

Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 21-42-59

And probably not show the badge if the content has changed since you last clipped it? Would that take into account query parameters as well? What about identical content delivered by different URLs?

Frankly, implementing that is a nightmare. There’s a smart groups for duplicates already.

No, just checking URL would be more than enough. What you are saying is overkill and it is not what I wanted/needed.

Smart group for duplicates works only after you clip same content again. The reason I am asking for this feature is to prevent this.

I’m wondering if it would be necessary to have all your databases open for DT to be able to tell if you’d clipped a page. Readwise has a very different architecture.

DEVONagent Pro shows a DEVONthink icon in the location bar if the current URL is already stored in any of the currently opened databases. But we’ll consider this for the extension too.


Thanks for the tip, but that requires me to set my default browser to DEVONagent if I want to utilize this feature.

Looking forward to Safari extension update :crossed_fingers:

In the meantime you could use this script if you’re not sure whether you’ve already clipped a URL Script: Lookup Safari URL in open databases.

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This already exists (though there’s a visual artifact, @aedwards)

DEVONsphere (in “See Also” mode) shows you if the website you are on is in your database (if you have your databases indexed)…

I have fixed the ui glitch this morning and it will be included in the next update


Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for PDF captures and I always capture websites as PDFs.

Other than this fundamental flaw, not having to click DT extension to see if it clipped would be great. Just like Readwise Reader I shared in original post.

Again, fingers crossed for new update :pray:

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I wouldn’t call this a fundamental flaw as it doesn’t inhibit the core operations of the application.

not having to click DT extension to see if it clipped would be great.

Readwise and Pocket are very different applications and deal with much, much smaller datasets. It may be feasible on a per-database basis, however it likely would increase overhead to the point it will no longer be performant.

Again, fingers crossed for new update :pray:

The update mentioned above is not the implementation of your suggestion. It’s addressing the visual artifact I pointed out in the my screen capture. IF or WHEN your idea may be implemented is unknown at this time. However, it has obviously been noted.

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By saying “fundamental flaw”, I wasn’t referring to the core operation of the application. I was referring to your suggestion, which was useless to me.

This doesn’t make sense. Why would my suggestion consume more resource given that you already show the information I seek after I click the extension? I’m just asking you to show the info before I click. And since DEVONagent performs very well, I believe you already overcomed technical difficulties.

Obviously, I was referring to your CTO, not to you.