Show anchored notes

Within DT´s native PDF viewer, when I right click on a highlighted text that has an anchored note, I see the option: “remove note”. But there is nothing else that indicates that there is actually a note.

Is there a way to make the anchored notes visible (as would be the case with an external PDF-viewer that usually show a note-icon next to the highlighted text)?
And is there a fast way to see their content? Using the note icon from the editing bar leads to a rather cumbersome process?

That’s a (broken) feature of the PDFkit, not one of DEVONthink actually. The easiest option is probably to use the Document > Annotations inspector.



Thanks! I can see a list with all annotations there. That helps.

Hi Jim.

I guess you refer to that box at the right? Now I see it, actually I do remember it from DT2. (You could click on it and then the note popped up, if I remember well.)

However, currently in DT3, that box doesn’t appear…

Just checked. If I add a note to a highlight, directly within DT, then the box does appear. However notes that are created with DT To Go, later don’t appear with such a box within DT.

Is this a known (unsolvable) issue or should I open a support ticket, Jim?

Go ahead and open a support ticket on it. Thanks.

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