Show anchored notes

Within DT´s native PDF viewer, when I right click on a highlighted text that has an anchored note, I see the option: “remove note”. But there is nothing else that indicates that there is actually a note.

Is there a way to make the anchored notes visible (as would be the case with an external PDF-viewer that usually show a note-icon next to the highlighted text)?
And is there a fast way to see their content? Using the note icon from the editing bar leads to a rather cumbersome process?

That’s a (broken) feature of the PDFkit, not one of DEVONthink actually. The easiest option is probably to use the Document > Annotations inspector.



Thanks! I can see a list with all annotations there. That helps.

Hi Jim.

I guess you refer to that box at the right? Now I see it, actually I do remember it from DT2. (You could click on it and then the note popped up, if I remember well.)

However, currently in DT3, that box doesn’t appear…

Just checked. If I add a note to a highlight, directly within DT, then the box does appear. However notes that are created with DT To Go, later don’t appear with such a box within DT.

Is this a known (unsolvable) issue or should I open a support ticket, Jim?

Go ahead and open a support ticket on it. Thanks.

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Has the problem been solved already? The same thing happens in my workflow. I have the latest version of DT and DTTG and use Bonjour for syncing the database.

Welcome @Bert

  • What operating systems are you running on Mac and mobile?
  • Does the issue persist after rebooting the Mac?

I’m running the latest versions of macOS (12.6.) and iOS (15.7.) and the issue persists after rebooting the Mac.

Do you see notes missing or highlights missing as well?

Highlights are still there and the notes can be seen in the annotations inspector. But the box with the note is missing.

But the box with the note is missing.

Please clarify this with a screen capture.