Show bread crumb file path for folders (like for files)

When I select a file or an URL in DEVONthink, I can visualize the file path at the top of the window. However, when I select a folder there’s no info!

This should be fixed. I sometimes end up inside of a deeply nested folder, coming from a direct link and then have zero idea where I am. I need to click on a file in that folder to get the picture.

Please implement this. In macOS, this works. If there’s a technical difficulty it should be overcome. Please explain why it is how it is.

A feature similar to this may be in a future release. However…

  • You can see a location in a Location column in views like List View, etc.
  • You can also press Command-R to reveal the location of the current group or record.

Thanks for giving hope. Your 2 workarounds don’t work. Cmd-R doesn’t work in this case (works when doing a search) and list view does not show the path. The only workaround is to get info for the group (folder) and only there, the file path is shown.

Screenshot 2018-05-28 00.45.35.png
Screenshot 2018-05-28 00.45.12.png

It is unclear what the issue in the first screencap is. You appear to have a group in the pirectory pane selected here.

Also, if you hover over a group or file, the location is shown in the tooltip.

My first screencap shows a selected group which has a custom icon.

Thanks for the tip with the tooltip. A tooltip appears after some time of waiting and is not easy to read because the string is broken in multiple lines. I will eagerly await the moment that the full file path will be shown at the top.
Screenshot 2018-05-28 02.24.41.png