Show Creation time in item list on iPad


Awesome software! I own DevonThink on Mac and iPad. I store notes and info in DevonThink, but I am thinking to start using it for meeting notes and phone call notes, where the date of the note is more important than it is for general reference info. On the iPad, when you have a list of items on the left, and an item text on the right, the list of items does not show the date of the item. This makes it a bit harder to navigate to the right item for time-sensitive items. On the Mac, there is a clear date/time in a column of the list of items. Did I miss a way to show dates in the item list? If not, how about adding that? Perhaps not to big an enhancement :slight_smile:.

Likely for now I’ll stick with another note taking app for time-sensitive or time-oriented notes. (Although that app lacks true tags, sadly.)



Tags are not native on iOS. That’s more DEVONtech magic. :smiley:

Also, realize that we have to consider the smallest form factor (iPhone) when working with the UI. This constrains the usable decisions considerably. However, the request is noted. Cheers!

I would Find that very useful as well for my Class notes.

In the list view there is a show details option, Perhpase it could be added there when organized by date right aligned if it didn’t clutter everything up too much. With every update, my need for other note taking software is diminished.

Glad to hear it. Stay tuned for future updates! :smiley: