Show documents in a tag in column view

Hi there,

I rely heavily on using tags when organizing my documents. When searching for keywords, I get to see a lot of files, as, obviously, sometimes the name has the keyword in it or it is tagged with it.

However, I always need to double-click on a group or tag in column or list view when I want to know what files lie behind this group or tags.

This makes things way more tedious, as I regularly need to switch between different groups or files and I thus need to do the search over and over again. Using the small arrows on top of the list only moves me to the database where the file is located but not back to my search results.

Is there any way to view the files lying behind a tag in column view?


Perhaps using cmd-O to open a new window of the selected tag/group. You can close the newly opened window after you finished checking the contents with no effect in you main search window.

Another option might be to use the search, e.g. enter tag:name in the toolbar search field.

Thanks for your information.

This might seem a bit over the top, but as I work a LOT in Devonthink, using CMD-O and CMD-W over and over again means a significantly higher usage of shortcuts and thus simply time to get information I could get by just typing it in DT 2 Pro Office. Of course, this does not seem a lot, but it adds a lot of extra work time over the course of a day.

Searching just for tags doesn’t do the trick, as well, though. I have around 1246 tags right now, which I obviously can’t remember. And even then, I work a lot with school compendiums that simply can’t be tagged completely, as they are rather broad and thus clutter everything. By searching for tags, I won’t be able to find those as well. As a result, I need to do another search, which is stealing me time as well.

I hope you see my point. Right now, I don’t think that DT3 is saving me time but rather tends to make things more complicated by having to search multiple times.

A screenshot of DEVONthink Pro Office’s window and how you actually achieve the desired goal in version 2 would be useful, thanks.

Well, I already migrated fully to DT3, so I just created an Example Database.

In this example, I prepared two files: One is tagged “Kurzgeschichte”, the other one has the title. “Kurzgeschichte”

When searching for Kurzgeschichte, the tag is shown as well as the file - which is great! If I click on the tag “Kurzgeschichte”, I get to see in the lower folder which files are tagged with this. By then tapping space, I can open up quick view and take a look in the document I need. If it is not among the tagged ones, I can easily see all the other documents that include the word “Kurzgeschichten.”

In DT3 however, this functionality isn’t here (I guess :blush: ), because I always need to double-click on the tag “Kurzgeschichten”, to see the files that I tagged, but I don’t get to see all documents, even the ones I haven’t tagged specifically. I also can’t go back to my previous search results, as those arrows on the upper left beside the database name brings me back to my previous working folder, but not to my search results. Long clicking on them doesn’t help either.

In DEVONthink 3 the search should return both the tag and all items having this tag contrary to version 2. E.g. after renaming the document to “Test” a search like in your example won’t find it in version 2 but still does in version 3.

Therefore one idea might be to add the “Tags” column to the search as all items are already there. And sort by tags if necessary to easily spot the desired items. Might this work?