Show EXIF metedata of pictures in DT?

Hi there,

I regulary move photos taken by smartphone out of my photos app into a DEVONthink database, e.g. meter readings.

The added/generated/modified date in the inspectors reads the date when I moved the picture.
This is mostly irrelevant. More of interest is the date and time the picture was shot.

Is there any chance to read the EXIF data within DT?
If not, this would be a good functionality of the inspector.
At leat to show the record date and GPS data.
This would save the necessity to open a third party app to look up the information in the file.

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Some of the embedded metadata is shown in Tools > Inspectors > Document > Properties. In addition, importing uses available geolocation information and the geolocation should be shown in the Info inspector.

Thanks for the prompt reply.
Right, the GPS location is shown as city/country.

There is no access to relevant EFIX data.
There is the tab “user defined” (I am using the german language version – this the guessed englisch name for “Benutzerdefiniert”).

Is this maybe a measure to pull EXIF data?
Is there a chance to define something for EXIF access?

So far, I open up the photo file in GraphicConverter to look up the EXIF data for the date and time the picture was shot.

My feature request:
Please show the record time of jpg and other photos formats.

TIA Herb

The time isn’t supported yet but other information (e.g. comment, description, copyright, keywords etc.) isindexed/searchable and shown in the Document Properties inspector.