Show Invisibles Item and Icon

Add a “Show Invisibles” item and icon to customize a document toolbar.

When invisibles are displayed for a Rich Text document make the tab symbol a right arrow like the tab in a Plain Text document.

Add a “Show Invisibles” item and icon to customize the main toolbar. This would pertain to a document displayed when in the Three Pane view.

See menu Format > Show Invisible Characters.

I am constantly going to the menu for Show/Hide Invisible Characters and was suggesting the addition of a toolbar button to toggle that function. Like the other text formatting buttons available in toolbars.

And, don’t overlook the bug with the tab symbol. It is indistinguishable from a space in Rich Text documents, and not the right arrow symbol for a tab as is shown in Plain Text.

As far as I remember this has been actually requested. However, the next beta will change this.