Show Labels

I use labels extensively in DTPO as a quick visual cue for items that need attention or identifying in some way. The implementation in DTTG is useless for this purpose, as I have to either expand the information pane or the label icon on an item-by-item basis in order to see the label content, if any. Could we have the same implementation of colours in DTTG as in DTPO please? Either colouring the item’s icon or the item name itself would be fine, with preferably the option to choose. MacJournal works this way by colouring the text of the item’s name.

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I second this request. MacJournal colours the text, and Shovebox uses a faded background to the line, both ideal to focus the label.

Being able to sort by label may be another option too.

I would like to +1 this request with a comment. Please understand that many of us are using the program to keep lists, particularly on the iPhone. Though the device is far from limited to it, it is an ideal usage for the small screen. Any information which can be easily added to the folder display wold be very helpful in this regard.

Me too :slight_smile:

+1 on this idea. Should be easy to implement and improves usability considerably.