Show location of selected document


in DT2 I have been able to see the path of the currently selected document.
Can I reactivate this path bar in DT3 ?

The Path Bar is already in the interface…

The Location is also shown in the Tools > Inspectors > Info inspector and Tools > Get Info popover.

PS: I hope you’re not running DEVONthink 2 and 3 on the same account, on the same machine.

Hi Jim,

this bar was missing.
Following your advice I realized, that it gets hidden when using the tag filter - I have this always turned on. May I say that this is not “ideal”.

Why is your Tags filter bar always on?
That’s the only time I’ve ever heard that specific condition.

The tag filter bar is turned on but doesn’t contain any criteria all the time.
As mentioned in this post I want to migrate my documents from a folder structure to a tag based structure and I followed your advice for filtering my tags > Multiselect in sidebar.
So I have heavy usage of folders and tags at the same time and don’t see the point why I should not be able to use them together without running into (this) restrictions.

Development would have to assess and comment on this.