Show Only Documents oddity

I appreciate the recent addition of this option to show or not show documents in the list to the right of the sidebar. I haven’t decided which I like better, but in switching back and forth - I just noticed something odd. Not sure if it has to do with this option, but now if I have Show Only Documents unchecked - when I click on the name of some databases in the sidebar, they no longer show the groups listed in to the right in the View window. However, for some databases, the group names do show up correctly in the View list.

I recently added some icons to groups and databases, but that doesn’t appear to correlate w/ this issue. And it just recently started happening with a couple of databases that were fine before. Not a huge problem, but kind of confused - and thought you might want to know this is happening (using the v3 release).

View > Show Only Documents is a per-database setting, so it may be enabled for some; disabled for some. Does that explain it?

It does! Since it’s in the top menu, I guess I just thought it was “sticky” like the other View options. But no complaints – I like this new feature even more now.

Thanks Jim for pointing out what seems obvious to me now. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: