Show tags consistently in search results

Tags do not show in status bar for all kind of search results. If the file is in the search results because the word is in its title, for example, all of its tags will show in the status bar. If the file is in the search results because of one of its tags, none of them will show in the status bar. I attach images of both cases.

I think this may not be the expected or most convenient behavior.

In your second picture, the one showing no tags, you actually have the tag selected. Tags don’t normally have tags assigned to them (although it is possible to do so), which is why the Tag bar displays ‘No Tags’.

That’s right! I didn’t realize that, thanks. I notice now that when selecting one of those files, the status bar shows the remaining tags, not the one searched for. Fine with me!

Yet, in that same second picture, won’t it be better for the search results to show the tagged files not the tag?

Use Tools > Search… > Advanced, set the “Tag” predicate to the tag(s) that you want – and Search will show the documents that have the tag(s) you entered.