Show then hide map also closes file

In any of the views that present a preview pane (standard or widescreen), select a file so that it appears in the preview. Press control-g to see the map in the bottom-left control pane. Press control-g again and the file becomes deselected and disappears from the preview pane, through the icon that appears to the far left of the preview pane title still represents the now closed file.

Perhaps this is by design, but the expected behavior is just to open, then close, the map pane while leaving the file selected for further action.

The Maps filter pane shows files in the selected location of the Navigate sidebar, not the selection in the item list. (This is incorrectly stated in the documentation and has been revised for the next build.)

Development would have to assess this behavior.

Thanks for the bug report! I couldn’t reproduce this so far. Could you please post a screenshot before showing the map and after hiding it?

First screenshot is with an image selected.

Second screenshot is immediately after pressing ⌃g. Map has appeared in bottom left control panel.

Third screenshot is immediately after pressing ⌃g to hide the map. Note the image icon still appears on the preview title bar, but the image is no longer selected. This happens regardless of file type.

I have this same behavior, though I admit I never used this command until just now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the screenshots, 3.0.1 will fix this.

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3.01 corrected this behavior. Thank you!