Showing reminder in smart group at exact time

I have a smart rule that runs, search in Databases, Perform the following actions: On reminder, then it does Change Label to (red) Today. I have a smart group that is named “Today” that is everything that is a red “Label”. This is my todo list for today and it can be long.

My issue is for example, it is 915am today, it shows reminders for 9am (Label=Red), which is correct but also shows today at 415pm reminders (again Label=Red), when the 415pm reminder should not be labeled red.

On a given day, I may have 20-25 reminders in my Today smart group, and it is important I see only the ones that need to be worked at the appropriate time. Any suggestions?

It’s not possible to specify a certain time range in smart groups but maybe the options Due date is This/Last Hour are useful?